I’m not able to pinpoint these photos precisely on the map (they were taken on one of my lazy rides around Kokura where I lived in 2005/06), but I think it’s safe to say I took them in the harbour area.
At the time I had a Canon IXUS i digital camera (4MP) that I used to wear around my neck on a lanyard. It just sat in my shirt pocket and I took it out whenever I needed it. No fumbling in a bag or a pocket, it was instantly available. But now that I’m more interesting in photography, I regret that I didn’t invest in a better camera. Most of my photos from back them are full of noise and there just isn’t enough data for my editing preferences. Ah, well. Something is better than nothing.
I wonder what happened to my bicycle? When I moved away from Japan, I left it unlocked outside my apartment building with the hope that someone would get some use out of it.
In my early days in Japan, I had no idea there were areas where you couldn’t just padlock your bicycle and leave it for a while. I was surprised to get a parking ticket and marginally less surprised that the system relied on honest payment of the fine (as there were limited ways of knowing who owned the bicycle). I paid the fine and from then on (when downtown) used the designated parking racks. I suppose in a nation with that many bicycles, some method of parking enforcement is needed. That the honour code is used for fines is a testament to the low-crime environment of Japan. I always felt entirely safe in Japan. What makes them different, I wonder?
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