“If you take any family and get them together, and get them to stay up long enough, the stories will come tumbling out, there are at least three great stories in any family…”

Daniel Symon (played by Matthew Macfadyen)

Small in number are the films and television series that I come back to time and time again in my mind. Perfect Strangers is one such series. Beautifully written and shot, it tells the story of “an elaborately organised reunion, held in a grand London hotel, Raymond (Michael Gambon), his wife Esther (Jill Baker) and their son Daniel (Matthew MacFadyen) are slowly drawn into their ancestors’ family tree. Meeting distant, and not so distant, relatives for the first time they begin to establish their positions within this eccentric and eclectic family.”
I found it difficult to know which clips to choose here. The quality of the drama is so high throughout. But I settled on two. The first with Alice (Lindsay Duncan) and Raymond (Michael Gambon) in the lobby of the hotel where the family gathering is taking place. The second with Daniel (Matthew Macfayden) and Charles (Toby Stephens) which follows Daniel’s botched attempt at a reconiliation between Alice and the children she brought up.

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