Once upon a time, Polish roads had a reputation for being, well, terrible. There’s no way to sugar-coat it. Actually, sugar-coating the roads would have been a vast improvement.
I remember my wife and I once crossing the border from the Czech Republic and into the Kłodzko region of Poland. We went from silky smooth roads (car advert roads almost) to what seemed like a never-ending cattle grid.
My driving style mimicked that of racing drivers swooping left and right to keep their tyres warm when the safety car is out, only I was avoiding cavernous potholes that would disable our vehicle in a snap.
These days, however, thanks to EU funds and a steady uptick in the Polish economy, the roads are infinitely better, which makes getting anywhere quickly much more comfortable. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to slow down and enjoy the view.
On our way to Wrocław a while back, we pulled off the main road and into this country lane. We dropped out of the world of signs and white lines and into a place that has probably looked the same for decades. 1950 or 2020? I like that.

Witosławice (województwo opolskie)

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