Lithuanian creative studio Gyva Grafika produces these fascinating glimpses into Soviet-era urban living. According to the Calvert Journal, Gyva Grafika created the tiles for the city’s Galeria Urbana bar...with each tile showing…a different towerblock window, complete with curtain-twitching neighbours.
Sadly, the tiles aren’t available via the Gyva Grafika shop, but one of their team wrote to me a couple of years ago to say they were planning on releasing them to the public. You can visit their shop here for these “Soviet Urban Stickers” (not an affiliate link).
I can’t fully explain why I find these tiles, these images, so interesting or why I would want to put them on the wall by my desk. Perhaps it goes back to my time living in Katowice, Poland in the vast Socialist-era apartment block Superjednostka. I wish I’d made more of my time there. I wish I’d documented it more closely.
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