From Paul Graham’s first book The Great North Road (1983):
“In 1983 I started by picking up the threads of the old North Road, the cafes whose décor echoed a bygone era, the poppy fields in the mists of North Yorkshire, and the old car salesrooms whose signs still advertised classic English motors, long since demised.
I photographed these together with the modern housing, power stations and commuter trains of today. Finally I took as honest and open portraits as I could of the people who work, travel, or live on the road – those who support it, and whom it supports.”
More of Paul Graham's work can be viewed on his archive page here
Chris Niedenthal is a British-born photographer and photojournalist who, after studying photography at the London College of Printing, moved to Poland in 1973 and worked all over the Eastern Bloc as a freelance and contract photographer (Newsweek, Time Magazine). 
All of the following photos from Poland can be ordered from his website here.
Tony Ray-Jones
Tony Ray-Jones (1941-1972) was an English photograph who worked in the US and in England.
"My aim is to communicate something of the spirit and the mentality of the English, their habits and their way of life, the ironies that exist in the way they do things, partly through their traditions and partly through the nature of their environment and their mentality. For me there is something very special about the English 'way of life' and I wish to record it from my particular point of view before it becomes Americanised and disappears."
Ray-Jones' archive can be found at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford, England.
Zofia Rydet
Zofia Rydet (1911-1997) was a Polish photographer best known for her Sociological Record (1978-1989) in which she photographed Polish households. Read more about Zofia Rydet here
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